Boot Liner Variations | Understanding Boot Liners & Mats

Buying a Boot Liner? Need help on understanding the differences between Boot Floor Levels?

We know that buying a Boot Liner can be confusing, especially if your model has an adjustable Boot Floor option available.

Most vehicles manufactured after 2018 are likely to have more than one Boot Floor level for you to choose from. The question is, how can you tell if yours can be adjusted? Typically, if there are two Boot Levels in your vehicle, you'll notice plastic ridges down the sides of the Boot interior. However, you may only see these when you lift or lower the Boot Floor. Our advice is to try and raise the Boot Floor (lift the floor using the available boot handle, usually located middle, front of the boot). Below we will explain the differences, helping you identify if you have an adjustable boot floor and of if so, which level would be suitable to choose.

Upper Floor of the Boot (Boot Liner Variation Explained)

As per the image, the 'Upper Floor Level' typically provides you with more width but at the same time, less height. This is not always the case, but it's recommended you check your boot first. It's worth noting, an easy way to distinguish if your boot floor is in the upper level is when your loading something in. When loading into the boot, you'll notice that any item/s you install, will stay level with the Bumper and will not fall deeper into the boot.

Lower Floor of the Boot (Boot Liner Variation Explained)

As per the image above, the 'Lower Level' of the boot usually provides you with more height but at the same time, the width may be compromised. Again, this is not always the case, but it's recommended you check your boot first. You'll find that when using the lower level, when you load something into the boot, the item/s you are loading will fall directly in the boot.

What if I have a Space Saver or Full Sized Tyre?

As per the image, if you have a 'Space Saver' or 'Full Sized Tyre' in the boot, it's likely that you don't have an adjustable boot.

How do I identify the type of tyre that I have?

There are two types of tyres; Full Sized and Space Saver. The biggest difference between the tyres types are the following: A Space Saver tyre will have markings such as 'MAX 50MPH or MAX 80KPH', a Full Sized tyre will appear much thicker, similar to what you may already have on the car. Space Saver Tyres are also usually thinner than a 'Full Sized Tyre'. Again, remember if you are provided with this option, it's important you select the correct option as this will affect the tailoring of your boot liner.

What do you mean by Tool Set in Boot? Is this a Tyre Inflator?

Yes! If you are asked if you have a Tool Set in the Boot, this effectively means a Tyre Inflator kit. The majority of new vehicles actually have no spare tyre in the boot. Instead, vehicle manufacturers often install a tyre repair substitute (a tyre inflator). This is sometimes installed under the boot floor or in a side pocket. Again, having this option can affect the tailoring of the boot floor, so ensure you check this before ordering.

I can't see any options about a tyre or boot level?

In alot of cases, especially with older vehicles, the tailoring of the boot liner is the same, irregardless of what type of tyre you have. The only real difference will be the shape of the vehicle, rather than what's inside the boot. You might notice in the title of the Boot Liner or Boot Mat, us mentioning that the Boot Liner is specific to a Hatchback, Estate Saloon etc. It's vital that you check this prior to ordering.

Can I check fitment using my vehicle reg?

We do offer the facility to confirm fitment using your vehicle reg. However, we are unable to confirm which variation of the Boot Liner you may need in cases where a upper or level level is used, or a space saver or full sized tyre is installed. If you're unsure, please contact us prior to ordering. We may request further information from you such as a photo of the boot or the tyre that's installed. You can contact us via email with a photo via the following email address: [email protected]

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